SHOWROOM: iteration IV

live audio streaming of SHOWROOM conversations made available to mobile devices outside the storefront window. stationary devices also accessed the live audio streaming across satellite locations.


SHOWROOM: iteration III


SHOWROOM: iteration I


SHOWROOM examines the notion of display and the effects of perceived public + private worlds on one another. the spheres of public + private + the space between is intensely curated, altered, disguised. what happens when attention is called to life itself as an object on display? 

while Form + Function introduced personal objects into the public space of the institution, SHOWROOM introduces the audience into the space in a series of planned experiences.

SHOWROOM is a four part project including a living room installed in a gallery, a 24-hour filming of the artist in a bedroom that was moved into an institutional space, a living room installed in a local storefront window, recorded conversations broadcast live online, and more.