Earth & Color: The Pigment Project

The Pigment Project began as a collaboration with Abigail Losli to create pigment collection journals. The journals are available online as free downloads to be assembled into your own handmade book or used as individual pages. 

The journals can be used to document earth and mineral pigments and dyes we come into contact with on a daily basis. The corresponding website, earthandcolorproject, has information about using pigments as paints, sustainable collection and alternative collection methods, what pigments versus colors are, and a submission section. There are areas in the journal to document season, location, and pigment type. There is space for a photo, a drawing, and a swipe of the actual pigment.

The book has numerous options for users to organize the journal and use it in a way that is customizable and suits each individual best. It can be organized for example by color, elevation, environment, or season. The structure of book and the project is direct and seems simple, which hopefully makes it practical, less intimidating, and truly accessible. 

Individual collection pages are also available so that classrooms of students or groups of people may collect pigments and make one book all together to document a pigment profile of a specific geographic location. This project is open to any location and anyone interested in downloading and making a book to use personally or to bring back to the online community built through the website with their submissions and documented pigments seen in an interactive map. The map will show where each pigments was found--creating communities through color and geographic location.

Visit earthandcolorproject for the downloadable book and more information on Earth & Color: The Pigment Project