ESSAY / EDIT is a response to the current state of our world and our place in it. 

One wall of the exhibition is dedicated to elevating the voices of people asking the questions we need to ask of ourselves, each other, and our world right now to the gallery platform. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and may be chosen for inclusion based on the exhibiting of the work. See right to submit. 

In place of a reception, ESSAY / EDIT will hold a discussion about the questions presented and an exhibition revision session in which the artist and audience will edit the show while on display. Tags are pinned to the walls to answer, re-write, and ask additional questions.

Submission Prompt: ESSAY / EDIT is open for you to submit 1 - 3 questions for our world today. These can be questions about yourself, each other, the state of our world, politics, being human, what to do next, what you're afraid to ask, and anything you want to question. You can ask vague, broad, direct, critical, personal, or any other type of questions. There is no right or wrong submission; the prompt is broad to allow you to ask anything you feel you need to. 


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ESSAY / EDIT exhibition images

Above: "Offering" a video for ESSAY / EDIT is a self-critique on display that acts as the first paragraph of the exhibition. This low-resolution piece is projected at a size equal to the screened in window cut into the neighboring wall. 

Below (right): video documenting the window cut out of the gallery and finished with white trim. The functioning window revealed behind the gallery wall was left open for natural light and air to enter the space. 

Above: images documenting window revealed behind gallery wall